Monday, February 14, 2011

Holophonic Sound?

A friend referred me to a sound clip of a holophonic sound the other day.

I was intrigued. I was confused. I was captivated. I had to look over my shoulder and make sure someone wasn't pulling a prank on me.

Haha, it was just my creepy room mate!
That's not really what happened, but I was still creeped out.

Because of how the sound is recorded, it sounds realistically as if it's moving around your head. Eerily realistic. My friend remarked on how convincing it sounded, and mentioned it would be great if incorporated into video games more.

Essentially, it's surround sound, but only with two speakers, one for each ear, instead of four and a subwoofer. One of the earlier devices used to record holophonic sound clips was a set of two microphones set up in casings that mimic how the human ear gathers sound.

Like reverse earbuds
I haven't looked much into the topic, but I'm sure there has already been quite a bit of research done on the topic in relation to video games, already. Feel free to look it up on your own, if you're so inclined!


  1. yo try i-doser it'll trip u out by hitting certain brainwaves.

  2. Holy crap... there was one of those where someone does a haircut on you.

    Flinched 'cause I thought someone was actually trying to cut my hair.


  3. I almost punched my friend because of it .

    Its so awkward , it feels like a fly flying over you .

  4. that is awesome. holy shit. i just found a blog that had some post with a file that was supposed to arouse you but didn't work. This is pretty cool though.

  5. That's some creepy stuff, I've heard they're working on using crowd control with that sort of stuff (not sure if its the exact same method though)

    I agree with KidChron, idoser is pretty trippy.

  6. awesome stuff, i find it fasinating instead of creepy, its freaking awesome

  7. I've listened to a few examples of Holophonic sounds. I've heard the virtual haircut, bugs flying around, paper bag on head, and a bunch of others. It's a really interesting subject. Just imagine implementing holophonic sound in a game such as Amnesia!

  8. I remember seeing something similar to this a while back, like a virtual haircut using these dual microphones. very cool stuff!