Saturday, February 26, 2011

Norn Week on Guild Wars 2 website

More information on another playable race was released yesterday on the Guild Wars 2 web page as part of Norn Week, including an awesome new trailer.

Screencaps and wallpapers were also released.
Since the holiday season, information has only trickled through their web page for the game until a couple weeks ago when they started Human Week, and then Norn Week.

I'm very excited for the eventual release of this game. There were a few problems in the original Guild Wars, however anything that was a flaw in the system seems like they're going to fix it in Guild Wars 2.

Demos were shown at several gaming conventions recently, and everything looks beautiful, polished, and ready to go. I can not wait till it's released.
Beta Testing is rumored to take place later this year.


  1. Guilds Wars 1 had a lot of bugs, like a 40 HP monk or something

  2. Game looks like it has some great potential!

  3. Oh yes. awesome i want play to Guild Wars 2!

  4. I loved the original Guild Wars and enjoyed the expansions, they weren't as great as the original story, but still good. I'm hoping for a lot from GW2.

  5. Why haven't I played this game?! I gotta try this!

  6. looks like so much fun haha, just like the old one