Thursday, March 3, 2011

Steam is good for colds, right?

Today continues the ongoing attack of a cold on our blog's author, ThatGuy. Sleeping half of the day for the past few days, however, has revitalized ThatGuy enough to post this. It also helps that it is now Spring Break at ThatGuy's college, marking a week of free time to post post post!

Steam recently announced a new security feature they plan to implement soon- Steam Guard. With the implementation of Steam Guard, it locks Steam accounts to a specific computer. Attempts to edit the account outside of that single PC can't be completed.

Steam Guard will be able to be implemented in other games through the use of Steam Works. Steam Guard uses Intel's Identity Protection Technology, which uses encryption that is tied to the individual 2nd gen Intel Core T and vProT processors.

Frankly, I quite like how this is going. I had my Steam account phished before, and almost lost my email account out of it, too. It was a horrible event, and it was rather dumb how it played out. Someone got a hold of my password and signs in, so it boots me out. So I log back in, boots them out. It goes back and forth like this a total of 5 times, but because of the limit on that, it boots me out, and I can't attempt to do that again. So, phisher won, and I had to get a support ticket, which was also almost ruined by the phisher, too. I was rather frustrated with how the situation played out, but in the end, I got my account back. It taught me a lesson, sure, but that shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Audience, whats your thoughts on Steam Guard?


  1. The initial concern that comes to mind is: What happens if your computer dies without warning and you need to buy/build a new one?

  2. I agree with DocStout, I often have to rebuild my computer because it is a POS (Piece of you know what). Steam account screwed.