Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nostalgia: Chrono Trigger

Back in the yonder days of gaming, there wasn't anything fancy about game design. No Anti-Aliasing. No shading. No 3D for that matter, even. What made a game fun was not how realistic it was when you gutted your enemy, it was the creativity and uniqueness of the storyline.

Chrono Trigger was, and still is, one of my favorite games ever. You play Chrono, in a slightly anachronistic "present" world as you go to a fair. Events get you mixed up with a disguised princess, and you get thrown back a few hundred years.

Long story short, you jump around time ("present?" times, medieval ages, prehistoric ages, and distant future) to defeat an end-all creature named Lavos from destroying the planet.

Chrono was a silent protagonist, and the game was very much so plot-driven. The art may seem familiar. The "dream team" that worked on Chrono Trigger had the 3 people who worked on various Final Fantasy games, as well as the Dragon Quest games and manga. It was truly a game to behold.

It did so well, it was even re-released for the DS a couple years ago. That made me quite happy to see the game make its way to modern times again. There was a 3D version of the game being made by a fan, but that got canned by Square Enix sending them a cease and desist letter, which made me very very sad.

In either case, this game was a major part of my child hood. My older brother, when he moved out, left to me and my twin the SNES and all his games, and we idolized it. We spent many summers with our best friend from down the street playing this game, as well as a couple others. While one of us would play, the other two of us would watch and be amazed with the story line. We did this and still do it today, albeit with different game systems. But this game is what got me into video games to begin with.

Do any of you readers have a game you hold this dear?


  1. Yes, all the early zelda games. Following your blog.

  2. I've heard a lot about the game, although I never got myself to try it.

  3. loved this game. great music, story and multiple endings. how can you not like it

  4. ah yes I love the old rpgs. I loved using rpg maker as well on the pc. Fun stuff! following :)

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  5. great, now i have to play it again, thanks...

  6. there goes this week's free time