Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Dead Walk the Earth!

Subtitle: Why HP Sucks.

The dead aren't really walking the Earth, however, it is a clever analogy of my laptop.

Turns out, the 3 month old piece of crap had some sort of major system error in Windows that was preventing it from starting. And I mean major. Trying restore points didn't work (30 minutes wasted), the "automatic error detection" thing that came up at one point didn't work (1 hour 30 minutes wasted), so I backed up my most important files then reset to factory defaults. Two fucking hours after that, and the third file restore disc froze. What the hell. Now I'm wasting precious essay writing time to download a program that will let me write papers. Not only that, but I'm downloading it on a finnicky internet connection because Frontier fucked up and everyone in town they were the ISP for lost internet for three days. Now, it's back, but it's also really fucking slow.

Long story short:
Fuck you HP and your expensive but shitty laptops
Fuck you Microsoft for a bug riddled operating system
And Fuck you Frontier, for fucking up my plan on how to complete 3 research papers in 1 day. >.<


  1. Damn, that stuff always happens when you want to get work done. I had a laptop that crapped out on my a week before finals. How full of BS is that? Anyways, I have an HP now, its worked good for 4 years. Only 3 months you say? Find a computer lab/cafe or a friend while you ship that thing to get repaired.