Monday, March 7, 2011

Nostalgia: Legend of Zelda

Back in the day of cartridge gaming, my friends and I were young diehard gamers. Many hours were spend on the mere 15 inch television in the basement, sprawled on plush blue carpet from the eighties, just trying to keep cool in a dark room on overbearingly hot days of summer, as well as cold days and nights of winter.

Chrono Trigger may have been the first plastic cartridge to offer us refuge from the elements and our world for a much more colorful one, but it was far from the last.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was another wonderful game that we spent a lot of time playing. Some would argue too much time. I, however, wager that it was another one of the best RPG's known to the world, if not one of the best games known to the world.

Original game box
I've always been a fan of sword and magic sort of games, but this one spoke out a lot to me. It was one of the first RPG's I had played, but the world changed as you progressed in the game. After a certain point when you went to the Dark World, it completely recreated the world as you knew it. Some similar things were in the same spot as their light world counterpart, but overall it was a complete redesign of the world.

In the end, I think me, my brother, and our friend ended up playing through this game three or four times in one summer, just because of how awesome it was.
Various dungeons kept us busy with puzzles and badass bosses that were tough to beat, the game kept us enthralled with it's storyline. I particularly enjoyed the bit with the dude in the woods with the animals around him.

Also, we must not forget about the chickens!


  1. Ahhh such an old school game.

    I myself poured hours into it too!

    Think I might download it and give it a replay.

  2. this game was so awesome
    a true classic

  3. i loved most of zelda games, i sometimes feel like playing some of them again haha, and damn those chickens, in fact now that we are talking about this it was the 25th anniversary of zelda a few weeks ago

  4. ah i wish you put more screenshots, I miss Link :(

  5. LoZ really isn't like most RPGs. It is one, but something about how it plays is just different and awesome. You don't go into some turn-based fight realm with every encounter, you don't have huge skill trees to master. It's just you and your ability to solve puzzles with the tools you acquire on your journey.

  6. This was the first (and only) game that I rented again AFTER beating it. I still love it to this day.

  7. i still have my copy....somewhere in my house

  8. i used to love this game, i should download an emulator and replay it on my phone when i'm bored.

  9. Haha I absolutely love this game! Thanks for sharing!

  10. legendary game for legendary times