Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Update on Things...

So, folks. There are a few things that will probably be happening with this blog soon.
For starters, quite possibly expanding it beyond just the realm of video games. My brother mentioned some interest in potentially authoring some posts about movie reviews. I don't want to delineate this blog too much and lose focus with what's being done on it- being about gaming is pretty straightforward in and of itself. However, it would be kind of neat to expand it into something more about general entertainment with a focus in games rather than just games.

Readers, what do you think?
-Keep this blog just about games
-Games and the occasional Movie review is fine
-Or expand it to entertainment as a whole, including things such as music


  1. I think the occasional movie review is fine

  2. I dunno, maybe you could limit to specific movies? Like video game movies, or video game tie-ins with movies, and make fun of how rotten they usually are.

  3. I think perhaps you should keep it as a game review site but have a secondary sister blog set up for movies and/or entertainment.

  4. blog about whatever you want man! just enjoy it

  5. expansion is good, i'll be here regardless of what you decide to write about.

  6. I personally like games. But since I don't play shooters I can't follow many gamer blogs. Movies, I have seen quite a bit. But my suggestion is do gaming and some movie reviews.
    You left a comment on my blog, A new photo each day, Day Twenty.
    You are correct, and the first person to guess the picture correct. Just wanted to mention it!