Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brink - Revolution Begins May 20th

Brink is an upcoming FPS game focused on the resistance and security fighting for control of the Ark- Humanity's last hope at existance. A new trailer was released revealing the classes and many aspects of the game.

My brother intends to order the game, something I'm very excited for. The design of it looks fairly original, and the concept of it strikes me as unique.

The Ark was a prototype utopian city meant to support life for 5,000 people, and is floating on water. Apparently, some sort of cataclysmic event happened overtaking the world and flooding the planet, except for this floating city. Since, refugees have swarmed in from all over the world, skyrocketing the seasteading city an unsteady population of 50,000. This cramping has left people fighting for resources, on the brink of civil war (hence the name).

The predicament is, where to preorder from? There's several choices, and it's a bit hard to choose.
What do you readers think of the game?


  1. This game was announced ages ago (I think I read about it in Computer Gaming World as early as maybe 2005?) and it looks like they took their time and are getting it right.

  2. looks decent, but everything goes down to gameplay