Monday, March 14, 2011

PAX East Brings some Interesting Developments...

Hello, readers! I am back from the weekend, and back with some information about PAX!

PAX East came and went this past weekend, leaving a few relative tidbits.

Portal 2 is just one month away. A new character, Cave Johnson, has been revealed. Cave Johsnon, some may know, is the founder of Aperture Science, and will also be using the same ominous intercom as Glados to communicate with and guide the player. JK Simmons (who is not a joke, in spite of his initials) is the voice actor, and should also be recognized from his role as J Jonah Jameson from the Spiderman films.
Also, some PAX Demo footage reveals the beginning of the game, including some of Cave Johnson's odd sense of humor in the early parts of the game. Also, an interesting tie-in to the first game will be finished before the game's release. A song is also being done by The National for the game.

10 minutes of Guild Wars 2 hard core combat was shown at PAX, leading to PC Gamer's article 15 Things We Learned from Guild Wars 2 Combat Footage. (Warning, hot Norn babes await)
This excites me because I feel like they're doing quite well with Guild Wars 2. It looks quite polished, cinematic, and arsty, which sticks true to the original Guild Wars feel. That's the reason why I play Guild Wars instead of pretty much any other fantasy MMO, it looks really awesome. Screencaps from the game can make fantastic wallpapers. WoW always seemed cartoony to me.

Fairly short blog post today, but I've got to get to class, now!


  1. I'm so jealous of my friend that went. She said there were huge lines for Star Wars The Old Republic, among other things.

  2. Im definatly gonna buy Portal2 when it comes out. The 1st one was just too awesome

  3. there are some awesome things coming out of PAX